Growth marketing director in New York

Hey there, I'm Alex. I grow businesses and give away all my secrets. Wanna hear one? 

photograph by Ilanit Simhi

Alex Wall is a growth marketing director in tech & entertainment with deep experience in two-sided marketplaces, online-to-offline commerce, and data-driven campaigns. 

She has consulted for and collaborated with some of the largest companies in the world, including megalithic tech giants Amazon and Google.  

She currently resides in New York.


In addition to leading as Head of Marketing and Growth at Jukely in Brooklyn, Alex speaks and writes on topics in and around tech, startups, mobile apps, and bleeding-edge marketing tactics & growth hacking strategies. 

She's also an amateur Muay Thai fighter and on any given day, sports about a dozen bruises. You may poke her to see where they are, if you so choose. She's laid back.